2013 Suzuki iV-4 Concept

Suzuki has established itself as having the longest history in compact SUV's. Beginning with the LJ series in 1970 and continuing in 1988 with the Vitara and the 1998 Jimny, along with the Grand Vitara in 2005.

Now the Japanese automaker looks to combine the urban compact crossover with a customizable small car in the 2013 Suzuki iV-4 Concept.

The "iV-4" represents "individuality", "Vehicle" and "4" wheel drive. It appears aimed at competing with other comparable compact crossovers.



General Info
Vehicle Type: Compact SUV Base Price: NA
Fuel Tank Capacity: 13.2 gals (50 L) MPG: NA
Length: 165.9 in. (421.5 cm) Wheel Base: 98.4 in. (250 cm)
Height: 65.5 in. (166.5 cm) Width: 72.8 in. (185 cm)
Engine: 2.0 Liter Inline 4 Horsepower: 150 HP
0-60 mph: 7.0 seconds Maximum Speed: 136 mph (219 km/h)

Engine & Performance

The production version of the Suzuki iV-4 is expected to have a 2.0L, inline-4 engine generating 150 horsepower.

Equipped with this engine, the iV-4 should move from 0-60 mph in 7 seconds with a top speed of 136 mph.

The "ALLGRIP" 4 wheel drive system will be offered as the newest of 4WD technology.2013-Suzuki-iV-4-Concept-studio-2-B


The front view of the iV-4 Concept shows off a 5 slotted grille and clamshell hood. Some of its futuristic features include illumination of the grille at night and a laser sensor on the roof controlling a pair of fog lamps.

The 20" wheels has a combination of silver and blue insert that provide a tall profile. The side view includes a flowing contoured line from the lower front door merging with the rear fender.

The Concept cars color comes in a metallic Turquoise blue that contrasts nicely with the heavily tinted see through roof.


Little has been revealed concerning the inside of the iV-4 Concept, but you may expect to find technological advancements incorporated in this compact SUV, including multiple infotainment / driver touch screen systems, along with leather seating and trim.

Not only is the iV-4 intended for everyday use, it is being marketed as an off road vehicle. This will be accomplished by a new all wheel, "ALLGRIP" powertrain technology.

The production version is anticipated to be ready for by 2015 in the European market.