2011 Citroen E-3POD Antistatic

The Royal College of Arts in London recently held a design project sponsored by Citroen. Second year MA students were asked to design an ultra compact model that would establish a unique futuristic Citroen e-vehicle. Chosen as the best overall design was Heikki Juvonen’s E-3POD Antistatic.

The E-3POD is a unique 3-wheeled battery powered single-seat vehicle. Its compact yet aerodynamic design minimizes the size of the battery that is required to power the vehicle. This stylish design has two small wheels in the front with the driver sitting inside a larger wheel at the rear. The large wheel also acts as a structural support making the vehicle light-weight and cost efficient. Sound insulation is no longer required because of the silent electric engine. The scratch resistant plastic canopy provides some comfortable personal space and protects the driver from outside elements.

Designed for urban use, the E-3POD is meant to be an innovative means of transportation. Positioned between a bicycle and a car, it is ideal for students commuting to school or going on short to medium distance trips. Its compact size enables it to be parked in smaller spaces making it a welcomed addition to the current means of transportation.

  • the unamed man

    didn’t anyone realise that thing offers no protection what so ever . what would happen to him if he crashed huh?

  • fielmor

    gash! that motor needs a organic fuel men…………….

  • chewbacca

    what the hell

  • Syclone

    dumb ( They don’t even have the citroen GT thats the best)look it up

  • Michael

    i would so drive that thing down the freeway

  • hekki

    Super design.

  • Mikkel

    wow it the most ugly thing i ever have seen!

  • corvhini

    the drivers view is obstructed by the goffy wheel.

  • jojo santago the canadian

    it is very ugly but the strange thing is that the wheel is around you

  • corvhini