Denmark is a country known for its cutting-edge designs. And some people thought of applying Danish designs to supercars. That is why in 2004, Zenvo Automotive in Denmark thought of coming up with their first model of supercar; and not just a supercar, but a unique hand built supercar. The team started conceptualizing in 2004 and by 2009, they have already finished the design. They have already manufactured the first Zenvo ST1 and it is only a limited edition with just 15 cars made. These cars will be sold to approved customers.

The Zenvo ST1 is built not only to conquer racetracks but also to suit people’s everyday life. And aside from its outstanding design that Zenvo is truly proud of, it also exhibits its high performance interior and engines. The supercar is well-engineered from its engines to its wheels. The Zenvo team has been going all over the world to show their amazing creation and to find potential buyers.