Doing favors for other people can make one feel good. It is a feeling we can’t really explain except that it is certainly a positive one. What more if you had done a favor for a royalty, for a queen for example. Spyker, a car manufacturing company had done this once. This was in 1898 when the company was still on their first steps in attaining their goals. Jacobus and HEndrik-Jan Spijker were the founders of the Spyker Cars. After producing their first Benz-engine motorcar, which gave them recognition for their craftsmanship, they built the Golden Carriage that is still in use today. They manufactured it for the Dutch Queen, Wilhelmina.

Up to the present, Sypker has continued in building different designs of luxury cars. The latest is the C8 Aileron 2009, which not only brags of its competitive design features but also of its high performance engines. Other models are C8 Spyder SWB and C8 Laviolette LWB.