One can’t really succeed on something that he has no passion for. And sometimes, even if you do not have the means as long as you have the ways and the skills you need to reach your end, you will be successful. These words are so much applicable to the life and the humble beginnings of the owner of Shelby American, Inc. Carroll Shelby was a successful race car driver before he became the owner of a big car manufacturing company. His career as a racer soared in the 1950s but due to some health problems, he had to stop racing and start concentrating on other career, designing that is.

Because of his ambition and vision, he came up with Shelby Cobra, which is considered as one of the fastest road cars of all time. And because of his works, Carroll Shelby was put on the Automotive Hall of Fame. But that didn’t stop him from making amazing creations. In fact, Shelby is back with its newly improved Shelby Cobra. And as Carroll says, “Get-in and buckle-up, cause this is going to be one hell of a ride!"