In the car manufacturing industry, we often hear that leading companies are usually founded by engineers. In Saleen, Incorporated, it is a different case. In 1983, a racing driver named Steve Saleen established Saleen Autosport. Being a race driver and an enthusiast, just a year after their formation, they had already come up with their first creation, the Saleen Mustang. The group has been successful in producing high-quality cars and their racing versions.

Saleen, Inc. came up with numerous designs including the Mustang, Ford, and Sterling Editions. But the company’s success wouldn’t be that possible without the help of partner companies. Control-TEC LLC, Power-TEC Engineering LLC, and Arrow Racing Engines were the Saleen’s sister companies that have been with them hand in hand through the years. Each of them has different roles in their drive for success. The latest model produced by Saleen is the 2010 S281. It doesn’t only brag of its beautiful design but also of its high-power engine.