Two heads are better than one. This saying just states that sometimes things are really easier to do if it is done by partners. Maybe that is why Batman has Robin and Beavis has Butthead. And partnerships aren’t always just for movies and cartoon series. As we all know, this is also much applicable to business. One great example is the Rolls-Royce Limited. Obviously, this business success was a result of a great partnership of engineers Charles Rolls and Henry Royce.

Everything started in a meeting over lunch at the Midland Hotel in Manchester on May 4, 1904, arranged by a guy named Henry Edmunds. Due to his effort, he made the two pioneers of the car manufacturing company to come up with an agreement that Rolls would exclusively sell as many cars as Royce could produce. During that time, Rolls was the owner of one of the first car companies. The company was responsible for the production of the Silver Ghost in 1907. The latest luxury cars manufactured by Roll-Royce are the Phantom and Ghost.