When you hear the word “Nissan”, the first thing that comes to your mind is cars. This is reasonable enough for Nissan Motor Co., Ltd to be in the industry for 77 years now. They are truly one of the tenures in the business of car making. Carlos Ghosn, the president and chief executive officer of Nissan Motors, strongly believes in their vision that “The power comes from the inside.” According to them, it is not the company that makes the cars but the people. That is why they make sure that through the years, people improve together with their company’s outstanding performance.

What has Nissan been doing to stay in the business for so many years? They have mastered manufacturing cars, from SUVs to trucks. They also make sure that they aren’t only doing favors for themselves and for their customers. They also participate in taking care and giving aids to the society. They have been active in different charities through the years. In addition, they think about the nature conditions in their production.