Morgan Motor Company, or simply Morgan, is a British car manufacturing company founded by Henry Frederick Stanley Morgan in 1910 in Malvern Link, an area in the Malvern Hills district in Worcestershire, England. Interestingly, all its cars are assembled manually. In 2007, Morgan has listed 540 cars in production.

The early cars of the company were three-wheelers that were either two-seat or four-seat. The first design was released in 1909, a single-seat three-wheeled runabout meant for Morgan’s personal use. Today, Morgan cars, which are more commonly referred to as “Moggies”, are characterized by an independent front suspension system. Perhaps the most recent Moggie project is the LIFE car (Lightweight Fuel Efficient Car), an electric vehicle powered by a fuel cell that stores electricity in highly advanced capacitors. It is a sports car that combines environmental awareness with impressive performance. According to the company, the LIFEcar will be legally available in America by 2011.