Mitsubishi Motors, which the planet knows now as the provider of a wide variety of cars is a member of the Mitsubishi Group, a company which started out in the shipping industry. The Mitsubishi Motors Company was founded in April 1970 and is pioneered by Tomio Kubo, its first president, and now, it is the sixth largest automaker in Japan and the world’s seventeenth largest by global vehicle production. It is based in Tokyo, Japan, and is producing about 1.5 million units each year.

Mitsubishi is known for introducing innovative vehicles such as the iMiEV, an all-electric mini-car powered by a lithium-ion battery pack. The company is also a big name in international motorsport with almost half a century of venturing in it. It first entered circuit racing in 1962 when it joined the Macau Grand Prix with its 500 Super DeLuxe, and snagged the fourth place in the ‘Under 750 cc” category. In off-road racing, Mitsubishi has a recorded seven consecutive victories since 1983 when the Pajero was introduced.