Since the 1920s, the Lincoln division of the Ford Motor Company has been providing the world with one of the best lines of luxury cars. Henry M. Leland founded the Lincoln brand in August 1917 after he left the Cadillac division of General Motors. He named the company after his favorite president and hero, Abraham Lincoln. Ford Motor Company then took over in 1922.

Historic Lincoln automobiles include Lincoln-Zephyr introduced in 1936, the Continental which was perhaps the most important car built by Lincoln, the Continental Mark II production lasted only for two years, the Town Car which was the flagship model until 1981, and the Navigator, Lincoln’s largest selling luxury brand in 1998.

The newest Lincoln model is the Lincoln MKS, a luxury crossover utility vehicle conceptualized in 2008 and entered production in 2010. The car boasts of 415 hp 3.5 L V6 version of EcoBoost engine family, 6F automatic transmission, and electric power steering.