Comfort and smoothness matched with style, Lexus line cannot help but be one of the most sought after luxury cars on the planet.

Lexus is a division of the Toyota Motor Company, an automaker located in Toyota, Aichi, Japan. It was founded by Eji Toyoda as a secret sedan project in 1983 which led to the introduction in 1989 of the first vehicle to sport the Lexus marque, the Lexus LS.

Lexus vehicles mainly include five sedans and two convertibles. The sedans are the compact IS and HS, midsize GS and Es, and the full size LS. The convertibles, meanwhile, are the IS C and SC. SUVs then resulted from the crossovers of models namely the RX, GX and LX. Hybrid models, such as the CT Hatchback and HS Sedan, also added to the list. Lexus afterwards developed the F marque, a division in charge with the production of an IS sedan variant and the LFA super car.

Lexus cars are marketed to over 68 countries, and the company has large operational centers in five countries. The marque is also included in Japan’s top ten global brads in terms of market value, and is now Japan’s biggest name for luxury vehicles.