Hyundai Motor Company is a division established in 1967 under the Hyundai group of companies which was started in 1947 by Jung Ju-yung in South Korea. Interestingly, Hyundai started out as a construction company, bearing the name Hyundai Engineering and Construction Company. The word ‘hyundai’ is Korean for ‘modernity’.

Hyundai’s line-up consists of around 20 cars, 12 SUVs and Vans, and 29 commercial vehicles. The cars include models such as the i-Series, Accent, Genesis, and Excel, while the SUVs and Vans are known for names like Entourage, Grace, Santa Fe, and Porter.

Also, the company boasts of the world’s largest integrated manufacturing facility that can alone produce 1.6 million units annually. With worldwide production and sales that reach up to around 3 million vehicles a year, it is no surprise that Hyundai is now the world’s fifth largest automaker, and has earned its place in the Big Asian Four, together with Toyota, Honda and Nissan.