Hennessey Performance Engineering, or HPE, is an automotive performance company that provides designs and performance upgrades for various well-known cars.

Latest news that involve Hennessey are about the development of a high performance car in partnership with DiMora Motorcar. The Hennessey Venom GT which will be released in 2011 is a monster that scares even the experienced driver with its 1200 bhp count and twin-turbo mid-engine. It is patterned after the Lotus Exige, another supercar that blazes in the racetrack with speed. The Venom combines a British chassis with an all-American built, and according to John Hennessey, it is like a U.S. built P51 Mustang dogfighter with a Rolls-Royce Merlin engine. He even remarked that the Venom is all because of his dream to create a super car that fuses “the best engineering and the best technologies with the best materials.” Lucky is Hennessey, because with the reviews praising the car, he is no doubt only a couple of steps away from realizing his dream.