The quickest and most potent street-legal BMW in the world is created by G-Power. Based on the most recent BMW M5, the G-Power Hurricane runs at 340 kilometres per hour. At the core of the high performance sedan is a V10 5L engine with EVO II G-Power supercharging method that provides 730 horsepower or 537.3 kilowatt.

In order to attain the preferred boost in power yield of 223 horsepower or 164 kilowatt for the quick-revving engine that typically produces 373 kilowatt or 507 horsepower, G-Power has created a high-technology supercharging method. The method utilizes a belt- steered ASA T1-12 compressor per one cylinder bank. In contrast to mainstream mechanical chargers which misuse a huge fraction of the extra force on being steered themselves, the compressor has a competence rate of until 80%. The ASA charger is small, allowing G-Power to set up two in the M5 engine bay’s taut confines.