The Ford Motor Company is a U.S. multinational company which started in Dearborn, Michigan. The automobile maker was started by Henry Ford and integrated on the 16th of June 1903. On top of the Mercury, Lincoln, and Ford brands, Fords owns the Volvo Cars in Sweden as well, and a little venture in Aston Martin in UK and Mazda in Japan. The former United Kingdom sponsors of Ford, which is Land Rover and Jaguar, were traded in March of year 2008 to the Tata Motors in India. Ford has consented to trade Volvo to the Geely Automobile in a contract that is supposed to be done in the 3rd quarter of year 2010.

Ford launched techniques for large scale production of automobiles and large scale administration of a manufacturing workforce using highly engineered production cycles categorized by shifting assembly lines. By the year 1914, the methods of Henry Ford came to be popular around the globe as Fordism.