Ferrari is a sports car producer that started in Maranello, Italy. Started as Scuderia Ferrari in the year 1929 by Enzo Ferrari, the corporation subsidised produced race cars and drivers prior to moving into manufacture of cars that are legal on the street in year 1947. All through its historical account, the corporation has been remembered for its constant partaking in racing, particularly in Formula One, wherein it has taken pleasure in wonderful success.

The Ferrari racing team’s popular symbol is called the Cavallino Rampant, which means prancing horse. The symbol shows a black cavorting horse on a shield of yellow colour, typically with letters S and F for Scuderia Ferrari, and with 3 stripes of red, white and green at the top. Road automobiles have a rectangle symbol set on the hood, and, if preferred, the race logo shaped like a shield on both sides of the front wings.