The Corvette is a sports vehicle produced by the Chevrolet group of the General Motors. The 1st model was launched in the year 1953 and conceptualized by Harley Earl. Myron Scott can also be acknowledged for coming up with the name of the vehicle after corvette, which is a little manoeuvrable warship. It’s been manufactured in 6 generations in targa coupe, t-top coupe, convertible, and coupe body forms. Initially constructed in St. Louis, Missouri and Flont, Michigan, it is constructed at a General Motors assembly plant located in Bowling Green, Kentucky at present.

The National Corvette Museum, which is also situated in Bowling Green, files the universal history account of the car and holds a yearly National Corvette Homecoming. The Chevrolet Corvette was reckoned the 1st and sole U.S. sports vehicle to commemorate its fiftieth anniversary in year 2003.

According to the study made by the Experian Automotive and the Specialty Equipment Market Association, there were about 750,000 Chevrolet Corvettes of every model year accounted in America as of year 2009.