Chevrolet is a brand name of cars manufactured by the General Motors Company. It was started by Louis Chevrolet then ejected by General Motors founder William Durant on the 8th of November 1911. Chevrolet was obtained by the General Motors in the year 1917. Alfred positioned Chevrolet in order to trade a lineup of conventional cars to directly rival against the Model T by Henry Ford in the 1920s.

The Chevrolet Company is presently undertaking a product reconstruction in North America together with all the other General Motors brands to restructure GM and to shape into the parent corporation’s turnaround endeavours. Recently, General Motors has been in expansion in order to have more fuel-efficient Chevrolet branded cars so that they can rival with corporations such as Honda and Toyota. The Monte Carlo, which was withdrawn in year the 2007, is deemed to be substituted by Camaro, which is a coupe as well.