Cadillac is a luxury car marque that is owned by the General Motors Company. Cadillac automobiles are marketed in more than fifty territories and countries, but chiefly in the North America.

At present, Cadillac is the oldest American vehicle producer and one of the top vehicle brands around the globe. It was founded in the year 1902 as Cadillac Automobile Company and was bought by General Motors in the year 1909. Over the subsequent thirty years, it ascertained itself as the leading luxury automobile in America. Cadillac pioneered a lot of accessories for cars, including the steel roof, the clash-less manual transmission, and full electrical systems. Cadillac created 3 engines. The V8 engine, one of these engines, set the criterion for the American automobile industry.

The brand was created from the remainders of Henry Ford Company at the time that Henry Ford left together with many of his major partners and the corporation was suspended.