The Bugatti Company is a producer of high quality vehicles. It was founded by Ettore Bugatti, who is as Italian refugee depicted as an odd genius in Molsheim, France. The original corporation is celebrated for manufacturing a number of the most elite automobiles in the world, as well as a numbers of the quickest.

Bugatti’s original brand name did not succeed with the coming of the Second World War, like a lot of high-end marques at the time. Another contributing factor is the death of Ettore Bugatti’s sone, Jean. The business struggled monetarily, and launched one final model in the 50s, prior to being bought eventually for its aircraft parts trade in the 60s. At present, the name is possessed by the Volkswagen Group, who has restored it as an engineer of limited manufacture elite sports cars.

The cars of Bugatti were as much considered as works of art as they were naturally mechanical productions.