The Ascari Cars Company is a British car producer located in Banbury, United Kingdom. It was founded by Klaas Zwart, a Dutch millionaire. The corporation was labelled after Alberto Ascari, who was the very 1st double world Formula One champ. Aside from producing automobiles, Ascari runs a racetrack as well, and it is called Race Resort Ascari.

The Ascari Cars was launched in the year 1995 in Dorset, England. The Ascari Ecosse is their first limited edition car established in the year 1998. Subsequent to the launch of the Ascari Ecosse, Klaas wart bought the corporation.

In year 2000, Ascari put up a new provision in Banbury located in the northern Oxfordshire in England. The Ascari KZ1 is Ascari’s 2nd automobile and was developed in Banbury, which housed the racing assets of Team Ascari as well. In the same year, the company started developing a race track in southern Spain near Ronda.