Car Safety Tips – Understanding Safe Driving Techniques

If you are parents, good driving habits are important to keep your families safe. Besides,you should learn about additional safety issues which you may not pay attention to during your daily life. It's common sense that doing these things when you are driving is very dangerous. Such as: chatting on your cellphone, driving when you are down in spirits or so tired that you feel sleepy. As a parent, some important problems must be paid more attention to in order to make sure the safety of your family in the car.

During a cold winter, try to reduce the chances of going outside as few as possible.If you really need to go out, you should wait for that snow on the road to be cleaned up. The last thing we want to see is a car crash on an icy road, which often make you late to work, even get seriously injured. Here are some basic safety steps you should follow:

Before you start the car,you should make sure that everyone inside your car (including yourself) is wearing the car seat belt well. It is the very first thing you should do before the car start moving.

Avoid any chatting with others on your cell phone ,which will distract your attention when you are behind the wheel. If you really need to answer your call, pull over on the side, stop, and than answer your call. With the recent law, you can get a penalty if the cop catches you talking on the phone when you are driving.

Eating is also a bad habit when you are driving. The same as looking at yourself in the mirror, reading, putting on your makeup, or turning your stereo on and off.

Make sure both your hands are on the driving wheel for emergency purposes. It gives you more time to respond to any unexpected event and will allow you to stop or turn your car quickly.

Keeping your eyes looking forward almost can make you alert whatever emergent situation when you meet.

Be calmed even if something does happened. If another driver from another car make you angry by cutting in front of you or do something stupid that upset you, try to stay cool. If you let your emotion take control of you, it can hurt you badly. Try to forget it and move on; it is not wise to get in an accident.

In addition, here are other guidelines you can follow:
-The doors must be locked well when you are driving.

-You also should check the back seat before moving.

-Find a bright parking lot to stop your car.

-Don't leave your key in the car.

-If you meet some troubles or crash, call the nearest police to help you. You also can ask for help from strangers if you are lost.

-Make sure you have sufficient gasoline which can ensure that your car will not stop in the middle of the road.

-Little children who are below a certain age or height should always be in the back seat and in their proper car seat.

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