Cadillac Sixteen Concept

The 2003 Cadillac Sixteen Concept is a four door high performance and stylish car.

The Cadillac Sixteen is also an ultra-luxury car and it is well noted for its stylish body structure. The body of the Cadillac Sixteen is made of aluminum and it features SLA high arm suspension on the front and the rear body features the semi-trailing arm suspension.


General Info
Vehicle Type: Luxury Sedan Est. Price: NA
Engine: 13.6 Liter V16 Horsepower: 1000 HP
Torque: 1000 lb @ 4000 rpm Transmission: 4-Speed Automatic

2003 Cadillac Sixteen Concept

The Cadillac Sixteen features V16 engine with a capacity of 13600 cc. The engine delivers an output power of 1000 bhp and 1000 lb-ft torque at 4000 rpm. The Cadillac Sixteen features four speed automatic transmission which allow the driver to experience a luxurious driving experience.

Cadillac Sixteen Concept side view

The wheels features disc brakes with 16-inch rotors and six piston calipers on the front and back wheels that ensure safety handling at higher speeds.
2003 Cadillac Sixteen Concept back view

The exteriors feature the stylish body structure, mirrors, LED head and tail lamps. The interiors feature the Tuscany leather seats, Bose sound system, silk carpets, sporty steering wheel, instrument panels, navigation system, vehicle safety system and DVD information system..

Cadillac Sixteen Review

  • FasterThanYou

    Why isnt this car in any new games?

  • its a cadillac sixteen can be defined a sport car categories?

  • milad

    this car will smoke bugatti very easy…uhaahah

  • andre christopher coa

    Hello i love the car it,s so good would just love to give the keys to the girle i love vanessa modly i love her so much ps she died in 1985 may she rest in peace cool.

  • gold

    i love this car

  • Michael

    Never ever buy one of these because it feels like an earthquake on wheels horrible car.

  • please let me know the speed!

  • Mr.442

    Very nice. Its not an old man car like Corvettes are. This has elegance, performance and reputation. Much more but I don’t wanna take all day naming off its attributes.

  • Doleman

    Hello to all car dealer in the room, i was so glad when i saw this cars, well what i am here for is for u to send me the car details. and let me know how the car can get to Nigeria for a sample first. After that we can make a deal. thanks……….

  • rose

    the sooner Cadillac put this into production the better.