2011 Cadillac CTS-V Sport Wagon

The Cadillac CTS-V Sport Wagon first made its appearance at the New York Auto Show. Since then, it has received accolades from several acclaimed car experts. The Cadillac’s V series boasts of its unrivaled performance, while its CTS Sport Wagon is known for its design. This new model is a product of the combination of the V series and the CTS Sport Wagon producing a high-performance designer sports car.

This unit has a supercharged aspiration. Moreover, it has an engine of 6.2 liters running at 556 horsepower. The car’s exterior design has a lot of features. One of which is the UltraView sunroof which allows the passengers to enjoy the magnificent scenery as they drive. The company’s signature tailgate motif and V-shaped deck is also present in this model. CTS-V Sport Wagon’s exhaust outlets come in pairs and are made with high grade stainless steel that keeps a lustrous appearance for a long time.

The car is equipped with Cadillac’s most powerful engine as of the moment. Plus, it is equipped with the Eaton Twin Vortices Series supercharger. Compared to regular superchargers, it allows smoother and more efficient airflow.

Lastly, this sports car has magnetic ride control which was developed by Cadillac in 2002. This enables more control of the vehicle no matter what the driving condition is.

  • da wife

    My husband Scotty has vintage cadillacs. 1940 – 1964 (5 of them.).. they are all in different stages of customization and all are completely AMAZING. If you were to put one of his cars beside a new cadillac…guess which one would get the most positive comments..

  • Sulaiman

    my wish is to own cadillac my self and it’s my best car ever my God help to u cadillac.

  • Dj duck

    Cadillac is the king of all cars 😀 😀

  • will

    nice car not my favorite but still awsome

  • a car that was awesome!

  • A man

    NICE car dude 🙂

  • stanley

    its my dream car.someone pls tell me ow i can own one

  • A-power

    i like it, Cadillac is king of the road and all other cars 🙂