2010 Cadillac Urban Luxury Concept

The urban jungle is a very crowded place, though there are some places where a considerable amount of space is available most of it is just too small, narrow or crowded. In addition to its lack of space are some vehicles today that have consumed too much space for the vehicles parts and the like that there isn’t much space for the passengers and thus limiting their movement.

The Cadillac Urban Luxury Concept offers a wide interior, good for claustrophobic individuals although not specifically intended for them, the wide interior is somehow contrasted by its small-looking exterior that could elude other into thinking that it has a small space inside.

The focus on this car is the extra space it provides. With the crowded urban environment, making some parking spaces too small for other vehicles, this car is designed for such situations. In addition to its spacious interior are its electronic features such as projected readouts and touch pad screens that take place of most conventional gauges and thus opening up a larger passenger space making this car is specially designed for urban dwellers.

  • Anthony

    its a 21st Century Space age Cadillac, and yes I LIKE It ! well done !

  • Nick

    This looks like a awesome version of the smart car. lol

  • lolsmileyface

    this car is so cool ! its a luxury family car but it is somewhat not good

  • SirWhiteG

    ok this has got to stop, its a strech that cadillac should not have tried and its something that can only bring the company to a downfall.

  • Mikkel

    What an serius ugly car!

  • Michael

    what in gods name is that

  • pakman

    its the new cadillac compact lol

  • Dj duck

    is it just me, or are Cadillac making there cars more ugly? Cadillac used to be a super cool car, but now they are just some thing your grandmother would buy. i don’t like it

  • Mr.Corvette

    haha looks like half a car but still pretty cool