2011 MWDesign BMW Z4 White Flame

The 2011 MWDesign BMW Z4 White Flame, just like its predecessor, the BMW Z4 Slingshot, is inspired by another golf club. This time it is the Taylor-made R-11 driver that lent its color theme to the new Z4 although in a slightly subtle fashion, thus maintaining the car’s clean and sleek exterior.

MWDesign fitted the Z4 White Flame with a new polyester front lip spoiler and 20” Forgester F10 wheels. These come in silver with polished outer lips and center caps of carbon fiber.

In terms of performance, a handsome upgrade was made by including a MIlltek 2x100mm Catback Exhaust System that was powder-coated for a ceramic-like finish. This perfectly complements the extensive aesthetic job on the Z4. Aside from the exhaust system upgrade, the power output was boosted from 300hp to 400hp making it a lot more powerful than the Slingshot. However, the Slingshot can be fitted with STETT’s FMIC intercooler that can considerably increase its power to 620hp.

The BMW Z4 White Flame is a one-off car which means that it was manufactured exclusively for one client only. This particular car was made for a friend of the company. As such, no pricing is provided. Suffice it to say, not too many people can afford a one-off car.

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