2011 Mansory BMW X5

The Swiss tuning company has finally started to modify the German giant BMW that encompasses both performance and style. The broad modification process on bodywork, performance, and the interior of Mansory will be first experienced by the BMW X5. The system for the SUV X5 focused on making it sportier in appearance with the addition of a largely established front spoiler with extensive cooling air inlets. A carbon-made engine bonnet optimizes fresh air supply to the front motor. It also captures a uniqueness by the building of wider fenders.

As mentioned earlier, the design must always complement the performance. Thus, a major upgrade was done to attain a dynamic performance. From 555 hp to 670 hp and a torque from 680 Nm to 950 Nm are the results of using entirely new exhaust system together with the headers and engine electrics. Because of this, in just a matter of 4.2 seconds, the car accelerates to 100 km/h. The sports suspension and break system add to the masculinity of the Mansory BMW X5.

  • Mr.Corvette

    its alright

  • Andreas

    i don’t like the new look, the normal X5 looks better. there need to come some lowriders on this website 😀