2010 MWDesign BMW Z4 E89 Slingshot

The 2010 MW Design BMW Z4 E89 Slingshot is an eye-catching new breed of the BMW roadster. Styled with various parts from different tuners to create a package called Z4 E89 Slingshot, the car comes with an eye-riveting lime-green accent that stands out against an overall matte-black design.

Inspired by Nike’s Slingshot golf club series, the fast and sporty car has a three-dimensional rear spoiler design, an AC Schnitzer Front Addon Spoiler up front, and custom-built wheels with high-gloss tinted brushed aluminum finish. The 2010 MW Design BMW Z4 E89 Slingshot is powered by a three-liter inline-6 and has 400 horsepower.

Overall, the 2010 MW Design BMW Z4 E89 Slingshot is a visually arresting car that can leave one positively shaken and stirred. It’s classy enough to suit the multifaceted personalities of modern drivers who want cool yet reliable fast cars. Safe and proper handling is ensured with Eibach and H&R suspension components.

  • Mr.Corvette

    this car looks like it is owned by a notorious villian

  • GM&Ford&Mopar-dude

    this car suck. the only Beamer i will have, is the 7 series.