Audi Rosemeyer Concept

The 2000 Audi Rosemeyer Concept is a high performance race car and it is also considered as one of the world’s best car during its time.

The Audi Rosemeyer consists of a W16 engine with a capacity of 8004 cc. The engine delivers an output power of 630 bhp and 561 lb-ft torque at 4000 rpm and the top speed of the Audi Rosemeyer is about 217 mph.
2000 Audi Rosemeyer Concept

The Audi Rosemeyer features 6-speed manual transmission and the gear shifts can be performed easily and smoothly even at higher loads.

2000 Audi Rosemeyer Concept side view


Vehicle Type: – 2-door Coupe, concept car
Configuration: – Mid Engine/AWD
Engine: – W16
Capacity: – 8004 cc
Torque: – 561 lb-ft at 4000 rpm
Horsepower: – 630 bhp
Transmission: – 6-speed Manual
Top speed: – 217 mph