2011 Wheels and more Audi R8 V10.6

The German luxury tuning company for sports cars, Wheels and more, introduces their latest conversion of an Audi R8, simply named V10.6. The standard R8 is on a 5.2 liter FSI V10 2xDOHC; and Wheels and more increased the engine's serial power by doing some tweaks. Under the hood, they made a valve controlled exhaust system, special stainless steel and an ECU upgrade. The tuned Audi R8 can now have a whooping 600 horsepower and 590 pound of torque. It then runs at 115.4 horsepower per liter.

To increase the agility of the R8, Wheels and more replaced its standard wheels with their own three-piece wheels. They are available with a wide choice of surface and color combinations, using a C-Sport 9,0 x 20 model with Continental Sport Contact III tires 235/30/20 at the front and 295/25/20 at the back. This adds an eye-catching visual appearance and sportier look to the Audi R8, making a car worth checking out.

  • Sarah

    Mr. Corvette, just look at it this way…they have the business and they are making money. Are you? Didn’t think so. Audi is awesome. Most German cars are.

  • pakman

    this thnig is BAD-AZZ



  • mr ilove this car

    i just jizzed in my pants looking at this car

  • Reece Marsh

    this car is sexyyyy

  • it all bout maserati

    i thnk dat a kl car but the r8 ran for to long in the first place: re v10, r8 v8,r8 tdi v12. thru all this process the car seem to lose all it gloss. jus lost it x-factor in a way

  • the bomb1023

    mr.corvette and dj duck you are both really wrong wheels and more just custom built their own version of the audi r8 and the r8 looks nothing like the gallardo at all go look on this site and just look for yourself
    and nobody go about putting down the r8 it is like the best looking car ever

  • James Bond

    i love the Audi R8 its almost as sleek as DB9 and why criticize the company name on a comment i mean its all about the car. to all of you that hate the name of the company cough cough *Mr. corvette* cough cough you can suck it

  • Mr.Corvette

    the R8 looks nothing like a gallardo?

  • Dj duck

    i agree with you two, it is a stupid name. the car is not very cool, i have never really liked the r8, it is just a gallardo with an audi logo on 🙂

  • jinxing

    ok this is pure cool. but i agree with mr.corvet why call the company wheels and more

  • Mr.Corvette

    dang this is SWEET. but who names thier company wheels and more?