2011 Audi R18

Audi promises to continue its excellent performance in the sports car development and marketing field with the plans for the new 2011 Audi R18. It will feature the same 3.7 liter V6 TDI unit, a smaller but very innovative engine that is the core of the Audi R18’s powerful yet economical performance, an improved six-speed transmission that is modified for use with smaller engines and a single-component design of the carbon mono-coque to save space and lessen weight.

The overall aerodynamic design of the model will also be modified based on its predecessors for better weight distribution. Crucial issues from previous models will also be addressed by the new design, including subpar tire quality and improved customer service. The 2011 Audi R18 aims to continue the company’s victories in the Le Mans 24 Hours event and marketing success for 2011.

And with the many planned modifications, better development of vehicle and technical support and customer sport promotions, the Audi R18 guarantees its continued success as one of the best sports car manufacturers in the market.

  • Sarah

    Michael, its for the aerodynamics.

  • hunter wieting

    you guys are idiots audi has always been a reliable brand of car. they have always made good cars. this one has good specs and prabbaly has good speed. who are you to judge a car you have never driven. and by the way the thing on the back increases its aerodynamics you fricking retard.

  • Andrus

    Doesn’t looks like some thing that can go around a corner

  • steve

    wtf whats wif the hed lites

  • ahmadi nejad

    siteton kheyli khafane vali mashinash bedarde iran namikhoran pas bebandid in galeye khar ro

  • Alex

    very,very stupid if we say its a car

  • Michael

    the car is cool but the thing running down the back is stupid

  • pakman

    you got that right but look just imgine what the headlight stickers would look liek on this thing lol

  • jojo santiago the canadian

    my fave le mans racer

  • Dj duck

    that must be the new Le mans car from Audi 😀 I don’t like Le mans, that is the only problem. it would be better if they made a Nascar Audi 😀