2010 Audi e-tron Detroit Showcar

The Audi E-Tron is a two-seater compact electric sports car. It has been recently introduced in the market as Audi’s second all-electric driven vehicle. It measures a mere 1.22 meter height, 1.78 meter width and 3.93 meter length. The e-tron has a sheer gross weight of only 1,350 kilograms.

While it is powered by two electric motors, this environmentally friendly vehicle should not be mocked for its size. It can easily go from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in a short 5.9 seconds and marks a top speed limit of 200 kilometers per hour. Truly, this car is not to be underestimated. Its motors has their own set of coolers to be able to regulate the heat and keep the car running smoothly. This car is also best known for the way it is able to regain lost energy. It does not need to be stored in the garage near an outlet for it to recharge. It can restore the spent energy while it is in motion by means of converting kinetic energy into electrical energy.

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