2010 Audi A9 Concept Design

Audi has just released its latest concept design. It is known as the A9 concept and it is unlike anything we have seen in any production car to date. Audi plans to project its A9 concept at a higher standing than its current top dog, the A8. Audi predicts that this concept will be advanced enough to overwhelm first-class luxury models from competitors such as the Porsche Panamera, and the Lamborghini Estoque if ever it will be put into production.

The form and features of the 2010 Audi A9 Concept were motivated in part by the magnificent structural design of Santiago Calatrava’s architecture in The City of Arts and Sciences located in Valencia. Such inspiration can be seen in the smooth, sleek and flowing contours of the vehicle along with its futuristic structure. Calatrava’s constructions seem as if they were taken from centuries in the future, and Audi’s concept emulates the same ideals.

The windshield of this concept car is fully integrated into the roof, and is composed of material using nanotechnology. Note that this technology does not exist at this time, since it is designed to automatically adjust from clear to opaque, change color and repair damage. Changing colors to the preference of the driver is a feature also reserved for the body kit of the A9. This means that at the touch of a button, the car can change from white to black, to red, to blue, etc.

Propulsion for the A9 concept is achieved via a sophisticated fusion between electric-powered motors found in each of the four wheels of the vehicle, working in concurrence with an internal combustion engine using a renewable source of fuel. Once again, such technology does not exist as of yet, but the plans for this vehicle certainly sound fascinating.


    it looks like a gravity car .


    it looks coool but the avatar rocks more

  • Blastoid….

    This won’t happen any time soon. I mean, really, nanotechnology? WIndows that will come out themselves? THis poses a real safety concern. What if the windows stop working? the person will crash. There are many other hazards, too. But if the windows stop working, then apple or google has to step in 🙂

  • Lamborghini Specalist

    Looks Like A Audi And Tron Mixed Together.

  • rehan

    wow what car but i thinking that how this run i mean that how can seen it driver cous there is no galases all the body is made of matel please tell me

  • Ayrton Nantais-Therrien


  • aman

    awsome headlights 🙂

  • i love Kurt Rainwel =”>! i very very love him!

  • Sarah

    There is a reason why it’s called a Concept, boys. It’s an idea…not the real thing. Get the picture?

  • khuzairie


  • rey

    yooooooooo that is super awesome that should go in the top ten of all the coolest cars in the world

  • usman

    it is awsome……..
    i love it………..

  • joe

    i love de design

  • Syclone

    love the body it’s very unique.(yes I know I spelt Syclone wrong that is my gaming name)

  • someone needs to blow me

  • the one who hacked yer computer and hotwired yer car

    well, it is easy. this is a prototype… not the real thing, that is why it is white. and how the windsheild isn’t clear… there are lights because anyone can get lights to work without the car actually on.

  • A person

    How is a car supposed to change color with technology that doesn’t even exist yet?

  • Prajwal

    I swear this car is truly horrifying

  • Hunter manning

    The audi a-9 concept is the coolest car i ever seen

  • travis barbello

    heyyyyyyyyy!! whats up people:) heheh

  • Michael

    hoe are you going to see out of it

  • Dude

    Your all wrong, you can’t even get away with a car like that if you DIDN’T commit a bank robbery. In the US, you can’t have a car that you can’t see into. You would get arrested! And covering your license plate and then going into an alley to uncover it wouldn’t work. People could see you driving around with no plate and call the cops. Bye. 🙂

  • The one who hotwired yer car and placed a bug in yer computer!!!!

    uhhhh? I never recalled it on star wars. there is only one answer, they used a fake.

  • The one who hotwired yer car and placed a bug in yer computer!!!!

    Hot rod, yer right. yew can’t drive away in a million dollar car, yew would get 3 miles tops. they would catch yew.

  • The one who hotwired yer car and placed a bug in yer computer!!!!

    i think this car would be my style

  • Hot Rod Corvette

    your wrong! you don’t see very many people getting away with a car after leaving a bank robery, especially when not very many people have this car. Kanal, forget the robery getaway with this car, get something fast but not rare to see on the streets, oh! and cover the licence plate, then go into an ally and un cover it.

  • It’s nice to look at the side view of it and not much on its front.

  • this looks worse than the maserati birdcage!!!!!

  • a9

    i want it how much is it how many horses does it have unde the hood and whats its top speed

  • i love the concept.

  • WOW 😀 the car of the future…looks amazing…wondering how it feels to drive it 😀

  • Lamborghini

    Kanal why would you even think of robbing a bank with this car. These are three reasons u wouldn’t think of robin a bank with this car. One this car is going to be so frigid expensive that there is only gonna be like 5 made every like 5 years. 2 When you get this car your gonna be so stickin rich you could buy 15 banks with all the money in it. 3 Nano tech is gonna be soooooo frigin expensive only government will be able to afford and use it so government vehicle here. now who’s the dumb one Kanal ._.

  • Domo

    Kanal, by the time this car is in production, bank security systems would probably be pretty advanced

  • Kanal

    Are you people dumb??? It will never come in2 production. If I robbed a bank then I used it as a getaway I could actually get away by changing the color!!!

  • Chamo


  • YO MAMA!!!!!!

    This is going to b the future and yes it is going to cost a lot of money

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  • Mr.Corvette

    that is a nice concept love the rims and design. but i doesn’t look like something audi would make. that nano tech is gangsta

  • audi lover$00909090.00

    these are the best

  • audi lover$00909090.00

    Audi R9s ARE THE BEST!!!! how much do they cost???!!! i have got £2500000000

  • dre dogg

    where is the front and rear window?