2009 Audi Avatar Concept

The 2009 Audi Avatar Concept Design by Edwin Conan clearly defines what futuristic is, in all sense of the word. This supposedly 2032 model 3-seat car makes the computer-based racing cars a reality. The design of the Audi Avatar is patterned to the 1937 Auto Union Type C Streamline race car.
2009-Audi-Avatar-Concept-Design-by-Edwin-Conan-Side-Angle- 480

This car of the future is run by a supercharged ion battery that supposedly has an acceleration speed of up to 0-100 km/h in as little as 2.9 seconds. Since it is an innovative car, it does not have traditional doors, instead it has glass canopies typical to jet fighters. The interior are all computerized or digital and all settings can be manipulated according to the driver’s taste and preference. The wheels are encased inside the “legs” and each of the wheels boasts of Audi’s In-wheel Electric Drive Unit.

2009-Audi-Avatar-Concept-Design-by-Edwin-Conan-Front-Speed-Tilt- 480

The 2009 Audi Avatar Concept Design by Edwin Conan will surely be a hit to sports car aficionados in the years to come.

  • lamborghini1

    WHAT NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • povi

    oh yaar kya mast gadi che yaara…. kitna pyara lagta he

  • WELCOME TO THE ALIEN WORLD. I will not be so amazed if this object should spread out wings and fly in the sky. Any way, thumbs up to AUDI, KEEP IT UP.

  • They tryin to kill us in the future aren’t they lol

  • boody

    woow it’s just an amazing car

  • A person

    I like audi, but this is just crazy

  • khaqan

    i have audi q7 and a5 i love audi

  • lun fad tu

    badi fuddu gaddi aa sali de tyre nahi aaa

  • This futuristic style is designed as if for the purpose of olympics. Nice design for the next decade!

  • kamau

    it is one hell of a future drive.hopes it comes in the market with affordable offers….big up to canon.

  • ollie

    this car is well good i hope they release it soon so i can buy when i get liscence looks like burnout car cannot remember name lol i just hope io doint hgave aids by then beacuse that would be bad

  • rose

    how gorgeous! must see this car in metalflake colours…put a small turbodiesel powerunit in it and it would be a bewst seller.

  • ugly ugly ugly .
    how dare they call this a car!

  • dre dogg

    this car is stupid and ugly. i never hope it come one the street