Ugur Sahin Aston Martin Gauntlet Concept

By definition, the word “gauntlet” refers to the convergence of two parallel tracks in a narrow place. The Aston Martin Gauntlet takes this definition to a whole new level. Car designer Ugur Sahin has succeeded in overlapping and complementing the past and the future with the classic silhouette that the brand is known for and a futuristic design. In a nutshell, it is like the offspring of the One-77 and DB AR1 then giving it an extreme, total makeover.

A gauntlet is also an armored glove. The Aston Martin Gauntlet would make you feel as if you were wearing a complete set of armor, ready for battle. The overall design of the car is truly intimidating.

Some might call the Aston Martin Gauntlet aggressive or sinister, or even seductive. The way the headlights are designed gives you the impression that the car is luring you in for the ride of your life. The wide front grille roars power, contributing to the aggressive feel.

Since this is a concept car, there is no available information on specifications yet. But some features worth taking note of include the organic headlights, the high front and rear fenders, and double exhausts with a honeycomb part above the diffuser.

  • this guy

    i like aston martins they look like they can chew you up and spit you out but still be eligant and beautiful

  • tom

    how much is it and how fast does it go? this is a brilliant car,

  • i think this looks like the one 77’s sexy sister but 10x better

  • jojothejabanaught

    yo not sick either dibbo yo man

  • dibly

    yo your still not ssssssssssikkkkkkkkk

  • dibly

    rapppy man your notty sikkky

  • pakman

    this thngi isnt too cool but i respect the martins becasue they can mix luxary with speed right

  • GM&Ford&Mopar-dude

    this is not a good car. the Ford f-650 is better than this little car 😀

  • wanna have this

  • Michael

    The only good aston martins are the db9 and the 177.

  • Ford&Toyota-guy

    what the f**k is up with that grill. it look like my but hole (not cool) 🙁

  • Bugatti Supersports

    wow, why tryto make a aston martin look aggresive, its pointless astons are always similar, this is just aboriginal though, its hidious

  • corvhini

    I just lost a great deal of repspect for aston martin…

  • shipwreck

    can i have one when i turn 18 for freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee