Aston Martin DB4

The Aston Martin DB4 is a sports car manufactured by the Aston Martin Lagonda Limited in between the years 1958-1963.

The DB4 is the Predecessor of DB Mark lll. The DB4 has been designed by Tadek Marek, a Polish-English automobile engineer and the light weight body has been designed by Carrozzeria Touring.

aston martin db4 480

The DB4 consists of a 3.7 L Tadek Marek I6 engine with dual SU carburetor. The capacity of the engine is about 3670 cc and it delivers an output power of 240 hp. The disc brakes are servo assisted and it measures 11.5 inches.

In the year 1962 the convertible has been introduced where 74 convertibles have been manufactured. The DB4 reaches the speed of 60 mph in 9.3 seconds and the top speed is about 139.3 mph and the cost of the car is about £3967.


Vehicle Type: - 2-seat coupe and drophead
Configuration: - Front Engine
Engine: - 3.7 L I6
Capacity: - 3670 cc
Wheelbase: - 2489 mm
Width: - 1676 mm
Length: - 4496 mm
Height: - 1334 mm
0-60 mph: - 9.3 seconds
Top speed: - 139.3 mph
Price: - £3967


The DB4 GT was launched in the year 1959; it is a high performance and light weight car. The DB4 GT consisted of aluminum skin for less weight and enclosed headlights. The DB4 GT consists of a 3.7 L I6 with a capacity of 3670 cc and 3.8 L I6 engine with a capacity of 3750 cc. The engine consists of three dual choke Weber carburetors. The engine delivers an output power of 302 hp and it reaches the speed of 60 mph in 6.1 seconds and the top speed is 153 mph.

The Vantage version was launched in the year 1961. It is a high performance car that contains three SU carburetors and delivers an output power of 266 hp. A total of 32 convertibles and 136 saloons have been manufactured in the Vantage version. This car can also be seen in the movie “Goldfinger”.

Vantage GT
The Vantage GT is a high performance car and featured a power engine and a total of 14 units have been manufactured.

First Person View of the Aston Martin DB4

  • Jim Hewitt

    Good Morning and Merry Chriistmas,
    Could you please tell me the exact year and version of the DB4 pictured above; the one with SUA 50 stenciled on the bonnet. I am very interested in this particular version as I like the slightly less “bubble” look of the front of the car. It is not necessary for me to know who the owner is, that can remain confidential, just the exact factory version. I really will appreciate any help you can give me.

    Jim Hewitt