2011 Alfa Romeo 4C Concept

The 2011 Alfa Romeo 4C Concept made its worldwide debut at the 81st Geneva International Show in Switzerland. The 4C Concept is the latest “compact supercar” by Alfa motors made from “8C Competizione”, a dynamic technology specially designed for the Alfa Romeo 4C Concept models.

The latest 4C Concept car is believed to create an exceptional driving experience like no other. The car has an “8C Spider Competizione” feature that is predominantly found in the previous Alfa 4C models. The 4C Concept follows the regulation of limited weight brought by essential use of carbon especially when on route. The chassis part is vital in supporting the car’s body from complete carbon crafting.

The engine features of the 4C Concept helps ensure the car’s overall performance. The average moderation of the car’s fuel consumption usually exceeds by about 3 – 4 engine liters. The 4C Concept has a “suspension layout” feature in which the utmost agility during road test is thoroughly determined. The car is enhanced with 40 – 60% front and rear axle, making it one of the most sophisticated sports cars today. The 4C Concept was earlier recognized for its overall performance including technical excellence, safety features and Italian-inspired design.

  • Whiterabbit

    Epic! I luv Italian cars! and Italian bikes! and the food!

    btw: just for the record MR BUGATTI. the veyron completely sucks! it takes 2 600 hp engines with 4 f***ing turbo’s to go that fast and it looks like crap. yet alfa and ferari make stunning cars and they go fast with less than half the horses


    its nice………………i like it




    its beautiful car…………………i like it

  • Who the hell said that its beauty is incomparable to the Veyron SS? The Veyron is not as stunning as this. And come to think of it, it’s still a concept.
    How come AR isn’t on the list of Coolest Cars?

  • this car looks stunning

  • One And Only Ayyub Khan

    In my life i want to porches a car

  • ugly car.

  • Cool, but not camepared to a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport.

  • HHT

    Caymann with smoother Lines…Nixe car

  • anna frys

    ugly look

  • ripvan

    Dunno about porker but looks a lot like an elise to me with a better looking face

  • rumpy

    i hear its real fast

  • mpho boikanyo

    The car looks more like a porche but its nice