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This Subaru car was released in 2006 in the United States, Australia and New Zealand. By 2007, it was released in Germany. However, this car was not made available in Japan because Japan has a similar model for this, the Subaru Exiga. Due to this, the Tribeca is the only 2000-released car that is in the North American Subaru vehicle line-up.

The Subaru Tribeca was named after the New York City’s TriBeCa neighborhood. This is a front engine / four-wheel drive car with 3.0 L EZ30 H6 engine (for car released in 2005 to 2007) and 3.6 L EZ36 H6 engine (for cars released from 2008 up to the present). The engines can produce 250 hp and 256 hp respectively.

This has two trim level being offered to the market. There is the standard Tribeca and the Limited Tribeca. The Limited car has some few additions like the moonroof and a premium audio system with 6-disc in-dash CD changer. This car also has 6 airbags installed.

Estimated Price Range for Used Subaru Tribeca: $9,000-$25,000
Estimated MPG for Subaru Tribeca: 16 City/21 Hwy
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