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This 4-door sedan is Subaru’s flagship automobile product in the market. Safety features are loaded in the sedan. The Subaru legacy, its entry in the compact sedan category, is a little pricey and has a gas guzzling personality. Yet again, the AWD maneuverability makes it one of the top performers in its class. The turbo-charged engine delivers impressive acceleration. Plus the stability control and nine premium speakers in seven locations makes it appealing.

The Legacy comes in a total of 17 variants from across the 2.5i, 2.5GT, and 3.0R. The handling of the car on tight corners and curves is unquestioned with AWD and power-assisted steering. Acceleration is impressive in the 2.5GT and 3.0R. Subaru’s Boxer engines are equipped with I-active valve lift system and electronic throttle control (ETC).The Legacy variants are fitted with these power plants. A 2.5 liter, 4-cylinder 16-valve, SOHC produces 170 horsepower at 6,000 RPM is on the 2.5i. A 2.5 liter intercooled turbo-charged 4-cylinder 16-valve DOHC that generates 243 horsepower at 6,000 RPM is at the 2.5 GT and 2.5GT spec.B. Finally, on the 3.0R is a big 3-liter, 6-cylinder, 24-valve DOHC giving out 245 horsepower at 6,600 RPM.

Base MSRP for New Subaru Legacy: $19,995
Estimated Price Range for Used Subaru Legacy: $995-$18,000
Estimated MPG for Subaru Legacy: 20 City/27 Hwy
Available Trims: Base, L, AWD
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Manual transmission Legacys have a continuous AWD. The automatic transmission versions are fitted with an active AWD. The continuous distributes evenly for the front and rear wheels the torque. The active system, on the other hand, applies torque where it is most needed depending on specific driving conditions. The GT and 3.0R offers buyers the SI-Drive performance system where the driver can fine tune the car’s performance in three settings, Intelligent, Sport, and Sport Sharp. These settings achieve more fuel economy and give better control.