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Saturn S-Series 150

The Saturn S-Series was another one among the numerous series of cars that came out under the subsidiary brand of General Motors namely the Saturn brand. It was considered as a “compact car”, one of the first series of cars that came with the intention of “revolutionizing” the car and automobile industry. It first came into the market last 1990 up to 2002 until it was replaced by the Saturn Ion.

This Saturn S-Series came in speeds of 4 for the automatic and in the speeds of 5 for the manual transmission of configuration. It came with numerous Saturn based engines like the LK0 and I4. It also came in varieties such as a 2-door and 3-door coupe and a 4-door wagon. It features the style, luxury and elegance that only the Saturn brand can offer. It also features the stability, balance and convenience that can only be found under Saturn made vehicles as of the latest.

Estimated Price Range for Used Saturn S-Series: $500-$4,500
Estimated MPG for Saturn S-Series: 24 City/36 Hwy
Available Trims: Base, 1, 2
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