Used Mercedes-Benz CLK-Class

Mercedes Benz CLK-Class 150

The Mercedes Benz CLK-Class is another one of the best selling cars produced and manufactured by the elite German car company Mercedes Benz. It is a mid-sized kind of automobile featuring the Mercedes style rear-wheel drive chassis. It is classified as a convertible or coupe due to its convertible capabilities. It has the Mercedes style 2 door function coupled with the power windows, power steering, power brakes and other Mercedes style features and capabilities that can only be found in Mercedes made vehicles.

Est. Price Range for Used Mercedes-Benz CLK-Class: $4,000-$27,000
Est. MPG for Mercedes-Benz CLK-Class: 17 City/25 Hwy
Available Trims: CLK350, CLK550, 320, CLK500, 55 AMG, 430, Cabriolet
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The Mercedes Benz CLK-Class comes in both automatic and manual transmissions each with either 4 speed or 5 speed varieties. Depending on the model, the engine might either be the V6 engine or the V8 engine, both with powerful horsepower capabilities. To date, the latest models of this series features speeds from 6 up to 7 speed transmissions with a very powerful V8 engine garnering the maximum horsepower of 356 hp. Like other models of Mercedes, this CLK-Class contains the same safety, security, durability and stability that can only be found in Mercedes made vehicles.

Overlook of the Mercedes Benz CLK-Class