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The Land Rover LR2 is a crossover utility vehicle or CUV which has already gained popularity over the larger breeds of off-road beasts. This vehicle is a smaller version of the ferocious Land Rover Freelander and has been positioned to effortlessly be maneuvered within the city. Even though the Land Rover LR2 is marketed as a pavement oriented vehicle, it is still one of the best off-road companions due to the powerful 3.2 L inline 6-cylinder engine, 230 hp and 234 lb/ft of torque. Aside from this, this AWD or all-wheel drive also runs on a 6-speed automatic transmission that has a manual shift mode.

Estimated Price Range for Used Land Rover LR2: $9,700-$28,000
Estimated MPG for Land Rover LR2: 15 City/22 Hwy
Available Trims: Base, SE
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