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To celebrate the company’s 50th year in the business, the Honda S2000 was introduced in the market. Officially, this was launched in April 1999 but the design and the technology used on this car was first used on the concept car released in 1995.

The name S200 is based on the engine displacement of the car, at 2 liters and the model simply continued the tradition of Honda nomenclature that was started by the S500, the S600 and the S800 of the 60s. This was the first sports car under the Honda fold, after the S500, S600 and the S800.

Estimated Price Range for Used Honda S2000: $3,000-$35,000
Estimated MPG for Used Honda S2000: 17 City/23 Hwy
Available Trims: base, CR
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The production of the S200 is expected to cease in 2009, roughly ten years after this was introduced to the public. This 2-seater roadster is known for its high-performance and known for its high-winding inline 4-cylinder engine and as accentuated by its balanced chassis. This was considered as a pure sports car thanks to the adoption of the minimalist cockpit and plus the addition of a suspension system worthy for the racetrack.

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