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Honda Insight 150

It’s the cheapest gas-electric hybrid in the market, and Japan’s best-selling vehicle for 2009 these are just some of the labels attached to the Honda Insight. But when this was introduced in the US market, this hybrid electric vehicle was lost in the crowd populated by large SUVs. But the Insight managed to get its groove since it has a distinct advantage over the gas-guzzling SUVs during that time.

The Insight was more fuel efficient, and as such has built an advantage over the SUVs. This was also the first Honda vehicle that featured the Integrated Motor Assist System. The Insight has been available for two generations now, and the first one was produced from 1999 to 2006 as a three-door hatchback vehicle. The second generation has been announced in February 2009. The current generation of the Insight features the same hybrid engine technology and available in base LX or the higher EX-trim.

Base MSRP for New Honda Insight: $18,200
Estimated MPG for Used Honda Insight: 40 City/43 Hwy
Available Trims: base, EX, LX
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