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As a response to public clamor for a Honda sports utility vehicle, Honda introduced the Honda CR-V in 1996. There are a number of resources that explains the nomenclature of CR-V. There is one resource that says that this refers to ‘Compact Recreational Vehicle’ and another one points to ‘Comfortable Runabout Vehicle’.

No matter what the real meaning is Honda addressed the wants of those in need of sportiness and versatility in their vehicle. The first CR-V was displayed at the Chicago Auto Show of 1996 and due to positive interest to the vehicle, the company decided to introduce the vehicle for production and eventually outpacing in sales the similar vehicles under the Honda fold.

The CR-V is currently on its third generation and the redesigned CR-V was launched in 2007. This version of the CR-V is powered by the company’s K-series 2.4 L and 4 cylinder engine. The 2009 version of the CR-V is available in 8 trims/styles.

Base MSRP for New Honda CR-V: $21,895
Estimated MPG for Used Honda CR-V: 21 City/28 Hwy
Available Trims: EX, LX, SE
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