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Simple yet packed with technological creativity this is how Honda markets the Honda Accord. Now on its eight generation in the US market, the Accord to dazzle not only the consumers but the auto critics as well.

The vehicle-buying public first caught a glimpse of the Accord in 1976 and this was positioned as a mid-sized vehicle. And right from the start, this model showed signs that this could be a hit. By 1982, the Accord was the first Japanese car that was produced in the United States. And from then on, the Accord established its mark in the market; a mark to remain on books for a long period of time.

The Accord was the best-selling Japanese vehicle in the country for next 20 years. The testament of its success is not only seen in sales of around ten million vehicles, but it can be seen too on industry accolades. The Accord has been a recipient of many industry awards.

Base MSRP for New Honda Accord: $21,380
Estimated MPG for Used Honda Accord: 23 City/34 Hwy
Available Trims: base, LX, LXi, EX, DX
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