Used GMC Suburban

Chevrolet Suburban 150

Many US car manufacturers for some time have been using the name “Suburban” to market their products as windowed automobiles with station-wagon type bodies on a commercial frame. GMC, however, earned exclusive use of the trademark in 1988 when it was no longer used by the other car makers and its brand recall seemed tailor-fit to the emergence of the consumer fad for sports utility vehicles (SUVs).

Taking a cue from the carry-all, all steel suburban-type vehicles that General Motors introduced in the mid-1930s, GM’s Chevrolet unit began producing the Suburban station-wagon bodied variants of its pickup truck in more recent years. The GMC Suburban that we know today comes as a full-size SUV with a V8 engine and a full pickup truck frame.

Because of their ample seating capacity that could accommodate three rows, this GMC SUV has become popular among large families living in city suburbs. It can carry up to nine passengers and their luggage stowed in a full-sized cargo bay, making the GMC Suburban ideal for extended trips.

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Quick Drive in the GMC Suburban