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The GMC Sierra 3500 is one of the heavy duty versions of the pickup trucks from General Motors. The GMC Sierra series, as well as its cousin Chevrolet Silverado, was actually first marketed in 1999. However, the GMC Sierra 3500 was only made available starting from year 2000 as part of the heavy-duty (HD) versions in the GM’s pickup truck series also composed of the half-ton 1500HD and the three-quarter ton 2500HD.

The one-ton GMC Sierra 3500 sports the same engine as the 2500HD, a Duramax V8 capable of producing power of 360 hp (268 kW). The two variants’ transmissions are also the same, Allison 1000 five-speed (six-speed in the 2006-2007 models) system. However, suspension and axle are stronger in the Sierra 3500. It can tow 16,700 pounds (7,600 kg), compared to the 10,600-pound (4,800 kg) towing capacity of the Sierra 2500HD and the 10,300 pounds (4,700 kg) of the 1500HD.

Estimated Price Range for Used GMC Sierra 3500: $2,500-$6,000
Estimated MPG for GMC Sierra 3500: 10 City/22 Hwy
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