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Ford Thunderbird in YellowFord Motor Co. has manufactured its Ford Thunderbird in the U.S. for over 13 model generations beginning from 1955 up to 2005. Stirring up North America’s indigenous people’s mythological creature, Ford Thunderbird cross the threshold of production for the model year 1955 as a sporty convertible that has two seats. Unlike the Corvette, Ford Thunderbird was not traded as a sports car.

Ford Thunderbird has obtained a second line of seats in 1958. Following generations became bigger until its line was rationalized in the years 1977, 1980 and 1983. The production of Ford Thunderbird ceased when two-door coupes became out of favor. However, a two-seat model revival was released in 2002 and became available until the end of 2005. Ford Motor Co. has manufactured almost over 4.4 million Ford Thunderbirds from its initial release in 1955 up to its departure in the 2005 model year. Ford Thunderbird has departed with no planned successor.

Estimated Price Range for Used Ford Thunderbird: $750 – $80,000
Estimated MPG for Used Ford Thunderbird: 15 City/23 Hwy
Available Trims: base, LX, Sport, Super
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